Atlas Air Virtual Fleet

Listed below is the Atlas Air Virtual fleet. All of the aircraft are available for all of our pilots to fly on our schedule routes. Our fleet consists of aircraft from the real world Atlas Air, Southern Air, and Polar Air fleets. Our fleet consists of 106 aircraft from 737-800BCFs to the 747-400LCF Dreamlifter.

Atlas Air

Atlas Air Boeing 747-400

Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F

Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F

Atlas Air Boeing 747-400LCF

Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER

Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ERF

Polar Air Cargo

Polar Air Boeing 747-400F

Polar Air Boeing 747-8F

Polar Air Boeing 767-300ERF

Southern Air

Southern Air Boeing 737-800BCF

Southern Air Boeing 777-F